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Oracle JDeveloper & ADF Faces 11g
Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3
Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g Technology Preview 4
- existing oracle customers only

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Rich Enterprise Applications - the site to get you started

This website, built with Oracle's own REA technology, is your first step into REA. Get to know what the buzz is all about in this new innovative Web site.

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Tutorial - Getting Started with REA UI Development

A new step-by-step tutorial that will get you building rich user interfaces quickly with ADF Faces Rich Client Components. From page templates, through rich tables and up to pop-up windows and drag and drop - all in 90 minutes.

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BEA Customers: Tell Us What You're Thinking!

Please participate in this brief survey. Submit your name at the end of the survey for a chance to win an iPod Touch!

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Tech Article: Developing for the Apple iPhone with Oracle JDeveloper and ADF

In this technical article you'll see how the same development environment and technique used for creating REA applications can be used to develop for Apple's iPhone.

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Tutorial - WebCenter 11g Tech Preview tutorial

Note: WebCenter 11g is for existing customers only.

In this tutorial, you will use JDeveloper to build an application containing three simple pages:
- A Storefront page, which displays simple product information, which then links to another page.
- A ProductDetails page, which contains various types of information and services, including search.
- MyZone page, which contains a few basic components that you can then
customize at runtime.

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Click Here to get the source code

Tutorial - Developing AJAX-based UI with JSF: An introduction to ADF Faces Rich Client Components

In this tutorial, you learn how to create JSF pages using Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client (RC). Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client is a set of standard JSF components that include built-in Ajax functionality. While Ajax allows rich client-like applications to run on standard internet technologies, JSF provides server-side control, which reduces the dependency on an abundance of JavaScript often found in typical Ajax applications.

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Tutorial - Intro to ADF Data Visualization - Graphs, Gague, Maps, Pivot Table and Gantt Chart

In this tutorial, you use the DVT (Data Visualization Tool) components in Oracle ADF to build some graphical representations of data, such as Bar Charts, Gauges, Gantt charts and Geographical maps. You also explore the use of a pivot table.

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Tutorial - Build a web application using EJB, JPA, and JSF

In this tutorial, you use Oracle JDeveloper 11g to build a web application. To build the data model, you use the EJB diagrammer, utilizing EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence API (JPA). For the web client, JavaServer Faces (JSF) is used. A master-detail page and an edit page are included in the user interface.

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JDeveloper 11g demos

Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Runtime Demo
Learn about client side validation, partial page rendering, skinning, windowing, and data visualization. (8:55 minutes)

Oracle ADF Data Visualization Runtime Demo - Graphs
Learn about rich interactive JSF components with extensive graphical and tabular capabilities for analysing data. (7:27 minutes)

Oracle ADF Data Visualization Runtime Demo - Maps, Gauges, Pivot Tables
Learn about geographic maps, dial and status meter gauges and the pivot table component. (7:18 minutes)

Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Development Demo
See how Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client simplify the development process. (8:55 minutes)

Oracle ADF Data Visualization - Maps, Gauges, Pivot Table Development Demo
See the design time experience for visualizing geographic data, pivot tables with dynamic totals, status meters, gagues with configurable thresholds, and more. (7:18 minutes)

Developing Mobile Applications Demo
Learn about how to extend ADF to mobile devices using pre-built, device specific renderkits foriPhone and many mobile devices. (8:00 minutes)

Oracle WebCenter TP4 Demos

Integrating a Google Gadget March 2008
This demonstration shows how you can integrate Google gadgets into your WebCenter applications. The demo adds a small map component, which accepts an address as a parameter. (6:40 minutes)

Consuming Web 2.0 Services in a Custom Application December 2007
This demonstration shows how to consume the Links, Tagging, and Search services in the context of a WebCenter custom application. Learn how to integrate each service in JDeveloper and then customize them at runtime. (24 minutes)

Consuming Instant Messaging and Presence in a Custom Application May 2008
This demonstration shows how you can add presence to your application using WebCenter Instant Messaging and Presence (IMP). Similar functionality is available in WebCenter Spaces. (8.4 minutes)

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Oracle at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo
Implementing AJAX, Flash and Web 2.0 with Java Server Faces, Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle
Web 2.0 Data Visualization with JSF, Juan Camilo Ruiz, Oracle
JSF and AJAX Past, Present and Future, Andy Schwartz, Oracle and Roger Kitain, Sun Microsystems
Best practices for building framework products that include AJAX features, Peter Laird, Oracle