LinuxWorld San Francisco 2005: EnterpriseDB Wins "Best Database" Award
Beats MySQL, Oracle and IBM for Top Honors

EnterpriseDB, potential proprietary-database giantkillers, won a major award here at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo yesterday: the company's flagship product, EnterpriseDB 2005, was chosen as the 'Best Database Solution' in LinuxWorld's Product Excellence Awards, managed by the editors of LinuxWorld Magazine and announced at the show by SYS-CON Media West Coast bureau chief Roger Strukhoff.

"EnterpriseDB 2005 was chosen to receive the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award from a field that included database offerings from MySQL, Oracle and IBM. We're delighted and honored, especially as we've only just announced general availability," said Andy Astor, EnterpriseDB's CEO, pictured below with co-founder and Chief Architect Doug Lussier launching the beta of his award-winning product live on SYS-CON.TV in May. 

"Our strategy of enhancing PostgreSQL, including in the areas of Oracle compatibility, reliability and scalability, to create an aggressively priced, enterprise-class product has been validated by the judges' choice," Astor continued.

EnterpriseDB 2005 was selected to receive the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Award in the "Best Database Solution" category based on several criteria, including price performance, conformation to standards, supported platforms, data storage efficiency, usability and ease of data backup.

About EnterpriseDB 2005

  • EnterpriseDB Corporation enhanced PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database, to create EnterpriseDB 2005. EnterpriseDB 2005 delivers enterprise-compatibility, Oracle-compatibility and budget-compatibility -- in short, EnterpriseDB 2005 is "business compatible."
  • Enterprise compatibility means that EnterpriseDB 2005 runs significantly faster than most other databases, including MySQL, in typical transactional applications and that it is robust and reliable, as its record-low defect rate -- 100 times less than average commercial software -- demonstrates. Oracle compatibility means that many applications written for Oracle will run unmodified on EnterpriseDB 2005. Budget compatibility means that EnterpriseDB 2005's will be priced to reflect its open source heritage, with linear, per-CPU pricing structure that will be economical for deployments of all sizes.
  • EnterpriseDB 2005 includes EDB Database Server, the RDBMS engine, EDB Studio, a console for developers and DBAs, and EDB Connectors, which provide access to EnterpriseDB 2005 from JDBC, ODBC, .NET, ESQL/C++, PHP, Perl and Python.

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How long before Larry Ellison's folks try and buy out EnterpriseDB...? The heat's being turned up under proprietary databases!!